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Window Applications


There are two options to choose from: clear adhesive or perforated vinyl. The clear adhesive can go on a window facing in or out. This is good because the inks are not waterproof and can't be outside in the elements. The perforated vinyl is not see-through so whatever side you put it on is the side you view it from. The backside of it is shaded, but see-through so it can be placed on doors without blocking the view-from one side. (see examples)  We usually refer to the clear adhesive as window clings, yet they do have an adhesive and don't used static to stay up.  Keep in mind when using window clings that you realize there is no "white" as whatever is white will show up clear.


Let us know what your ideas are and we'll help you decide the best solution.

perforated vinyl example on a Burger King restaurant from outside

Above: Perforated vinyl from the outside

Below: Same perforated vinyl viewed from inside.

perforated vinyl example on a Burger King restaurant from inside showing just a shaded area

White printable side and black backside of the perforated vinyl. These are attached to the outside of the window.

Print Cost Calculator

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Print Cost Calculator

clear window adhesive print for Bengal Bucks
Clear window adhesive vinyl advertising Buffalo State athletics

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