Encoding and Web Streaming

Already Recorded Material:

Audio or video encoding is the conversion of a media from an analog to a digital format, which can be playable on a computer/internet.


We can encode your department's video assets in your choice of .wma, .mov, H264, or .avi format. Next, we can specifically tailor their bandwidth usage to fit your exact needs.


Once encoded your video can be uploaded to one of the college's servers for distribution on Blackboard, and beyond. We use all the latest streaming media programming technologies such as Adobe Media Encoder.


Live Material:

Creative Media Services has a Sonic Foundry MediaSite Video Capture device that allows for webstreaming that allows hundreds or thousands to watch an event live.



Ensemble is a media server that allows faculty members to manage and publish their audio and video files into an LMS such as Blackboard and on other websites. Ensemble also allows students to submit audio and video files to a dropbox for instructors to review or share with other students.  For more information, please see the Ensemble tab on the Ed Tech Tools page.

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