Design Services

Graphics is staffed by a Senior Graphic/Web Designer, an assistant (proficient in programming and VISIX digital signage), and usually two part-time Communication Design students. We are here to lend design assistance for a large number of items, such as posters, brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, bookmarks, and t-shirt designs. Our staff is familiar with in-house production specifications as well as how to set up your document for printing with an outside vendor.


Photos and Stock Art Images

We have access to high resolution stock art images as well as the photos that are taken by our Creative Media Services' photographer, Bruce Fox or his student photographers. View the Photo Gallery on SmugMug. You can download the images you need right from the site.


Adobe Stock Art logoIf stock art is what you need, you may peruse the stock art site ( ahead of time and choose any images you may need. When you click on an image, it will open up a panel with the image enlarged. There is a FILE # under the image.  That is the number you need to give us in order for us to download it for you. We have a subscription, so there is no cost to you.


Print Services

Our office is equipped with a color laser printer as well as three large format printers (44" wide). These enable us to print small items such as postcards, flyers, and bookmarks as well as large items such as conference posters and banners.  Our main objective is to assist with academic  needs (both faculty and students); but we also create items for offices and other areas like Campus House and Chartwells Dining Services.

Production Services

We offer several "finishing" options for prints.

Lamination: Items can be laminated (up to 25" wide).

Laminate/Mounting: Prints can also be mounted onto foam core or gator board with either a glossy or matte finish (max. size 30x40).

Outdoor Signs: Another option used mainly for advertising and directing are the corrugated plastic signs that attach to a metal stake and are placed outside in the ground.
These are available in two sizes: 12x18 and 18x24 (either vertical or horizontal).

Vinyl-cut Lettering: A newly acquired item which has been utilized the most by Fine Art's students is our vinyl cutter. The students have been using the adhesive vinyl cut lettering in various galleries around Buffalo. The adhesive is strong enough to adhere to the wall, but will not cause damage. To view the colors available, please check out the Oracle 631 Color Chart.

Plastic Spiral Binding: This type of binding is an excellent option for program booklets, reports, notebooks, and calendars. It is ideal for those interested in lie-flat binding. Your document will stay open, hands-free.



As time permits, we can offer one-on-one assistance and training in the use
and application of these technologies:

Adobe Photoshop (Graphics)

Adobe Illustrator (Graphics)

Adobe Indesign (Page Layout)

Adobe Acrobat (creation/editing of pdf's)

Microsoft PowerPoint* (slide presentations/posters), Office*, and Publisher*

*these programs are taught on a regular basis in CyberQuad. Here is their current class schedule.


To make an appointment or more information:

Contact Kaylene Waite, 716-878-6676, or visit us in the Bulger Communication Center basement, Room 104.

Buffalo State    1300 Elmwood Avenue    Buffalo, New York 14222

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