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Information Security

Fall 2017 Information Security Awareness Training

Individuals from the departments listed on this page, as well as individuals with a title of secretary or office assistant, will be invited to information security training via email.

A link is provided to a SUNY web site, much like the site to which you link for SUNY time sheet completion.

Select “Buffalo State” from the drop down menu and log in with your Buffalo State credentials.

The modules appear on the screen as links. Each of these is a video with audio and screen caption. The longest video is just over four (4) minutes while many of the remaining videos are under three (3) minutes.

Click on the link to start your video. At the end of the video you are asked to answer a few questions about the content you just viewed. Answer the questions and move on.

You do not have to complete all of the training at once. You may complete some modules, log out, and log back in to complete your remaining modules.

Modules must be completed by January 1, 2018.

All full-time employees who have "faculty," or "research" in their title, and possess Buffalo State account credentials.

Departments to Receive Security Awareness Training

  • Academic Affairs, VP Office
  • Academic Success
  • Adult Education Department
  • Anthropology Department
  • Art and Design Department
  • Art Conservation Department
  • Biology Department
  • Business Department
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Center for Excellence in Urban Ed
  • Center for Health & Social Research
  • Center for Studies in Creativity
  • Chemistry Department
  • Communication Department
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Earth Sciences and Science Education
  • Economics and Finance Department
  • Educational Opportunity Program
  • Elementary Education and Reading
  • Engineering Technology Department
  • English Department
  • Exceptional Education Department
  • Fashion and Textile Technology
  • Geography and Planning Department
  • Global Engagement
  • Graduate School
  • Great Lakes Center
  • Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics
  • Higher Education Administration
  • History and Social Studies
  • Hospitality and Tourism Department
  • Inst for Community Health Promotion
  • Institutional Effectiveness Office
  • International Graduate Programs
  • Mathematics Department
  • Modern and Classical Languages
  • Music Department
  • Philosophy Department
  • Physics Department
  • Political Science Department
  • Psychology Department
  • School of Education
  • School of Natural and Social Scienc
  • School of the Professions
  • Social & Psychological Foundations
  • Social Work Department
  • Sociology Department
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Theater Department