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Plain and Simple Bond Paper Options:

For those looking for a more economical paper that can be printed larger than 11x17...look no further.

We have two types of plain paper:

1. 26# plain paper (like in a copy machine)

2. 46# simple bond paper (almost twice as thick)

This type of paper is used for building plans, portfolio pages for Interior Design students, packaging assignments for Communication Design students, and one-time throw away type banners/posters.

Feel free to come visit our office to see the difference in the types of paper we have. We're in the basement of Bulger Communications Center (room 104).

Indigo Iquana bag assignment
Indigo Iquana bag assignment
Residence Life banner
architecture plan layouts

Example of the Communication Design packaging assignment. We can print the student's bag layout (above) and then they construct the bag (above left). We recommend simple bond for this type of project.

Print example of planning layouts

Quote Request Form


This form has many options available for you to choose from. Many items on this form also have their own pages with detailed information (see the tabs to the left for those pages).

The quote form does have a few options not available on any other form just because they are items used in printing specialized odd sized designs.

Below are all of our media options:

Plain Paper (more info on use below and on Posters page)

Simple Bond Paper (more info on use below and on Posters page)

*Satin Photo Paper (more info on Posters page)

Polypropylene Banner (more info on the Banner page)

Vinyl Banner (more info on the Banner page)

Clear Adhesive (more info on Window Applications page)

Perforated Vinyl (more info on Window Applications page)

Adhesive Vinyl (more info on the Adhesive Vinyl page)

Backlight Film

Clear Film


*Standard recommended paper for most posters and projects

Print Cost Calculator

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Print Cost Calculator


Temporary banners work well on the plain paper.

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