Project Request Procedure

In order to assist in scheduling, completing, and invoicing jobs in a timely manner, we have created online project request forms.

The forms are now integrated with PayPal so that credit card payments can be made as well as the usual invoicing and journal transfers for departments/offices.

These forms provide essential information to the graphics team and allow the student assistants access to the information through


Please contact Kaylene Waite at 716-878-6676 or by email with any questions.

Choose a button below with the type of project you'd like to request.
A page will open with information about that type of project as well as the online form to fill out.

               Every spring in April,
                  we are VERY busy printing posters for various events.
During this time, we
do not design anything for anyone and some forms may be turned off.

Please plan ahead and have your project designed earlier in the semester if possible.

Attention - exclamation point

If you only need us to design something for you then this is the form you'll need. Design work is free for faculty and staff.

This form contains a large area where you can describe the details of your project. We will get back to you with a quote and any questions we may have.

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    Select one of the buttons below to submit your request.

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 Print Requests

Specialty & Finishing Requests

  Select one of the buttons below to submit your request.

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Bag image (link to the form for the Visual Communications 2 Bag Assignment)

 Special Event/Class Print Requests

Only choose these special event poster forms if you are in fact IN the event.

If you aren't participating in any of these events, choose the "Posters" button in the area above.

  Select one of the buttons below to submit your request.

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This form is for faculty/staff that want to pay by PayPal, or credit/debit card after their project is completed.

This form is also for students needing to pay before picking up their projects (usually non-standard projects
where we need to send you an estimate or invoice after we determine the cost)

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