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Two-sided 8.5x11 (Sm. Programs) or
Two-sided 11x17 (Lg. Programs)


There are generally two types of program sizes:

Small programs are generally 8.5 x 11 folded in half, or cut in half and stapled or bound.

Large programs are 11x17 folded in half, or 8.5x11 stapled or bound.


They will have a .25" white margin around the outside as the laser printer does not print to the edge.


If you need a program created, send us the text and images that you'd like included and we'll create it for you. If you need us to find images for you, we can do that too.


Two-sided 8.5x11  $.40 ea

Two-sided 11x17   $.80 ea

Spiral Binding  $1.50 ea

Inernational Student/Scholar Orientation Guidebook full size program with binding

large program (8.5x11) - we created this document and cover, but due to the high quantity of prints, these were printed and plastic comb-bound at the Copy Center in Cleveland Hall.

International Alumni Graduation Celebration program (inside and out)
International Alumni Graduation Celebration program (inside and out)

small program
(8.5x11) folded in half

Asian Lacquer Symposium half-page program with spiral binding

small program (8.5x11) cut in half and spiral bound in RITE Graphics

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