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We design and print anything from conference posters and event posters to building directories and schematics.  These are most often printed on our standard satin poster paper.

· A standard event poster size is 24x36*

· A standard conference poster size is 30x40*

*Other sizes are fine - this is just the most popular size.

Conference Posters

Both faculty and students attend conferences or research fairs where their work is to shared. To make the experience a little easier for you, we have many poster templates available to download. Use them as a guide and feel free to change the colors, fonts, etc.




Standard Sizes:
16x20, 18x24, 22x28, 24x36, 30x40, 36x48, 36x56

Paper Options:

Plain Paper
Universal Coated 26lb. Paper, 5 mil. (95g). Similar to copy paper, it is a cheaper option for temporary items. ($1.50/sq ft)

Simple Bond
This is a bright white, high quality 46lb. (175g) bond paper. Cost effective option for short-term, full-color posters.  ($2.00/sq ft)

Satin Photo Paper
This is our standard poster paper. Highly recommended. 8 mil. (190g). Satin finish.  ($3.00/sq ft)

Polyselect (Fabric)
This works great when traveling with a poster. It can be folded up in your suitcase and can be ironed (on the backside) if need be.  ($4.00/sq ft)

Save $$

For many events, we are requested to create a poster to be mounted onto foamcore so that it will stand on an easel. We have an alternative that can save you money.


Please choose the "Banner" option instead of poster. Choose polypropylene which has a plastic backing to keep from ripping. Then request a banner stand from our
Equipment Loan.


This will save you the cost
of having the sign mounted.

image showing the 24" wide banner stands available for loan from Classroom Support Equipment Loan.
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Form Information

Print Size:

Posters can be virtually any size. The job request form lists the most common sizes. Choose the pricing closest to your poster size.

Finishing and items available:

  • Lamination
  • Mounting onto foamcore
    with a glossy or matte finish
  • Poster tubes
  • 11x17 and 8.5x11 prints
Print Cost Calculator

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Print Cost Calculator


Poster Examples

Event poster example
example of a building directory poster

Bishop Hall's Directory we designed and printed

To the right
and below:
Conference posters we've designed and printed.

example of a conference poster

An event poster we designed and printed

example of a conference poster

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