Process Improvement Team

The Process Improvement Team originated as an ad hoc, fluid group of engaged professionals within RITE. The group’s objective is to review requests to determine whether there is a way to use existing resources to support the need. This group makes use of expertise from all areas of RITE, is facilitated by Katie Malik, Assistant to the CIO/VP for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communication, and under the oversight of Carolyn Krupp, Director of Technology Planning and Outreach.


You may request a Process Improvement Consultation from the RITE Self-service portal.


Read President Conway-Turner’s blog about this group and their activities.


Current Projects

Online Attendance Application

PIT Goal: Develop an application allowing users to take attendance using a mobile device and QR codes.


One-time Password Change

PIT Goal: Select and implement technology to force a one-time password change for all campus account holders (not to include students).


Use Office365 Tools/Apps to Create Workflow Processes for Departments

PIT Goal: Implement a digital workflow for curriculum processes, instructional support technician work requests, supply ordering, figure model scheduling, travel requests, etc., to increase department administrative efficiency.



PIT Mission

  • PIT (Process Improvement Team) a diverse campus collaborative effort dedicated to process improvement by utilizing existing resources (let's try to use what we have first) and expertise with a holistic approach to incrementally make lasting impacts on campus success.
  • Through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee, PIT will provide consultation, problem identification and potential solutions; changes that have various levels of impact.
  • We strive to create a fun atmosphere conducive to process improvement and resource utilization.
  • PIT is a platform that encourages professional development and nurtures leadership opportunities.
  • PIT is a collaborative team dedicated to identifying practical solutions to everyday campus issues.

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