Photography AssistantStudent Photography Assistant Nick Butler taking photographs at commencement

Job Description:

Marketing and Communications' Photography is the primary studio and location photography office at Buffalo State.

Applicant needs to be able do location photography work for campus clients. Ability to work well with others is as important as the applicant’s photographic ability and digital imaging knowledge. The student photographer works directly with the Buffalo State Photographer doing location photography, portraits, digital imaging and digital image management.

Preferred Requirements:

• Photography or Design student

• Experience working in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

• Familiar with Macintosh computers

• High school and college digital photography and digital imaging coursework is a plus

• Excellent oral communication skills

• Good problem solving skills


Hours are flexible and may include evening and weekends on occasion.  Bulger Communications Center
Promptness, common sense, dependability and responsibility are very important qualities for all
of our workers.


Interested students should contact
Bruce Fox, Photographer at 716-878-4221.

An online portfolio and resumé can be emailed


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