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Corrugated Plastic Outdoor Signs


The corrugated plastic outdoor signs come in two sizes - 12x18 and 18x24.  We have both vertical and horizontal signs.

We print up your signs and then they are mounted to the corrugated plastic with a laminate coating so they are weather-proof.

We can give you the metal "H" stakes, but ask that you return what you can afterward so that we can use them again.


12x18 (vertical or horizontal)

 - one-sided  $7.00 each

 - two-sided  $10.00 each

18x24 (vertical or horizontal)

 - one-sided  $14.00 each

Sign Examples

example of 18x24 outdoor signs

These signs are 18x24 horizontal. They were used at the Golf and Tennis Scholarship Fundraiser.

examples of 12x18 outdoor signs
example of 18x24 outdoor sign

18x24 horizontal sign used for directional purposes

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