As a new faculty member, you receive 500 megabytes (MB) of personal network storage space for professional use. Your personal network drive will automatically appear on any campus PC or Mac.


For instructions on mapping to your network drive visit the FAQs below:



To learn more about backing up your critical files go visit the FAQ below:



Please Note Network folders are not accessible from off-campus using this process. Drives must be mapped on each computer you use. Please see information on Remote Desktop access to learn how to access folders from off campus.


Web space

As a new faculty member, you receive 50MB megabytes (MB) of Web space for professional use. Create a home page, display your vita, you decide.  To view your Web site you will enter the following URL (replacing username with your Buffalo State username):


  • Faculty


You can access your Web folder directly from any campus computer. For instructions on mapping to your Web folder visit the FAQs below:




All Buffalo State faculty and staff are able to stream media from our streaming servers. If you have audio or video files that you want to stream, you can request a folder on the streaming server by calling Technology Support Services (878-4922). Keep in mind that copyright laws apply.



  • For assistance with mapping your Web or other network folder, please call the RITE Support Desk (878-4357).
  • For assistance with editing, compressing or adding media files to the server, please call Marketing and Communications - Multimedia (878-4922).
  • For assistance with linking or embedding audio or video files within ANGEL, please contact the Instructional Design office (878-3877 or 716-878-3688).
  • For assistance securing copyright permissions, please call Technology Support Services (878-6679).



Sometimes a shared network folder is not the best choice, and other resources on campus may be better suited to support your intentions. We suggest that you contact Melissa Miszkiewicz (878-4611) for a consultation.


Please Note If you have a legitimate reason for needing additional space on your personal network folder or Web folder, please call the RITE Support Desk (878-4357), or e-mail


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