Mission Statement

Resources for Information, Technology and Education (RITE) is a unique collaboration dedicated to computing and instructional technology support for the SUNY Buffalo State community. Through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee, RITE will provide timely, professional expertise to support innovation, teaching & learning, research, and other strategic goals of the campus. We strive to create an atmosphere conducive to academic growth and success, to lead technology initiatives, and to respect and accommodate the diverse needs of our scholarly community.


Vision Statement

RITE believes technology and information are crucial components of an active, modern society. Serving as a foundation, RITE will inspire and collaborate with the Buffalo State community to embrace technological advancement while instilling values toward lifelong learning. Through leadership and professional enrichment, RITE will advance the campus toward a 21st century global mindset about computing and information technologies.


RITE will be an energized, collaborative, cohesive team which, through creativity and innovation, fulfills the evolving educational and technological needs of the campus. We will act and communicate in a friendly, open, transparent manner while remaining dedicated to achieving our goals.


Values & Philosophies

People: RITE endeavors to provide the highest quality of service by being innovative, flexible and proactive. Furthermore, we support the ongoing growth and development of our students, faculty, and staff.

Respect: RITE treats people, organizations, and the community at large with dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs. RITE strives to listen to and fully understand the needs of our diverse campus community.

Honesty: RITE faculty and staff are sincere and genuine, engaging in a manner that builds mutual trust and approachability.

Cooperation: RITE promotes an environment of working together to achieve common goals.

Collaboration: RITE fosters a culture of mutual assistance, working with the college community toward the best solutions and outcomes.

Communication: RITE facilitates transparency and the free exchange of information and ideas within itself and the Buffalo State community.

Integrity: RITE faculty and staff exhibit professionalism within their careers. They excel and outperform within their fields of expertise, enabling them to lead Buffalo State toward new technologies and educational practices.

Empowerment: RITE has confidence in the ability of its members to make decisions which best benefit the college community, while staying true to our values.

Innovation: RITE accepts the challenges of new methods, ideas, and technology to advance the Buffalo State experience.

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