Lab Coordinator Information

Each lab is associated with a department and is assigned a lab coordinator.  The lab coordinator is the primary liaison between their department and RITE (primarily with the RITE Support Desk), and with vendors who handle specific hardware and software needs for the department.


How is the lab coordinator chosen?

The department where the lab is located is responsible for designating a lab coordinator.


What skills are necessary to become a lab coordinator?

As the primary liaison between their department and RITE, the lab coordinator should possess good communication skills, and be willing to maintain an amicable partnership with Computing Services. Technical skills are not required.


What are the general expectations and responsibilities of a lab coordinator?

  • Primary liaison between department and Computing Services.
  • Primary contact for vendors who handle specific hardware/software needs for the department.
  • Responsible for forwarding critical lab information to Computing Services and to the department.
  • Responsible for coordinating departmental requests for lab enhancements/modifications.
  • Responsible for contacting Computing Services regarding the following:
  • Reporting software/hardware problems in a lab
  • Requesting new software/hardware for a lab
  • Requesting modifications/updates to software/hardware in a lab
  • Responding to correspondence regarding lab upgrades/replacement
  • Requesting a consultation regarding new software/hardware
  • Inquiring about lab equipment or campus technology


How does the lab coordinator order software for the lab?

Visit the lab software request form to request to request new software or software updates for your lab.


How does the lab coordinator order hardware for the lab?

Lab computers are currently on a 4 year replacement cycle.  If additional equipment is needed, visit the hardware request form to order hardware for your lab.


How is equipment replaced and upgraded?

Lab computers are currently on a 4 year replacement cycle.


How does the lab coordinator receive information from RITE regarding their labs?

All department lab coordinators are added to our Lab Announcement distribution list in Outlook. RITE uses this distribution list to communicate important information with lab coordinators, and to solicit feedback regarding lab upgrades/replacement.


Which software applications are standard on lab computers?

Visit the standard software page to see a list of standard applications installed on lab computers.


When in doubt, who should the lab coordinator call?

Contact the RITE Support Desk (878-4357).

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RITE Support Desk: (716) 878-HELP (4357)    CIO's Phone: (716) 878-3694    Fax: (716) 878-3134

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