Flowering Plant of Western New York

To find a photograph of a plant, you must know its two-part technical name. In the Peterson and in the Newcomb guides, the technical name appears in italics with the common name. The portfolio is divided into ten sections of approximately 50 images. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by their technical name. To find a photograph of a plant, first look up its technical name (woody plants are treated only in Newcomb). Using the guide words, determine in what section this name should appear. Click on the section and its first photograph will appear. Thumbnails of the other photographs will appear in alphabetical order at the bottom of the screen. A bit of searching will bring you to a photograph.

For example, you want a photograph of the wildflower, Carolina spring beauty. . The plant is treated on page 32 in Peterson; its technical name is Claytonia caroliniana. Claytonia caroliniana would fall alphabetically between B to Clematis in Section 2. Click on Section 2 to bring up the thumbnails.
NOTE: vertically oriented thumbnails may block the scrolling arrows on smaller screens. Scrolling down may reveal the arrows. If that does not work, click on a horizontally oriented thumbnail. Increasing the resolution of your monitor may eliminate this problem.


Section 1: A to Aster

Section 2: B to Clematis

Section 3: Clintonia to Drosera

Section 4: Epifagus to Glechoma

Section 5: Goodyera to Lespedeza

Section 6: Lindera to Mitella

Section 7: Monarda to Ranunculus

Section 8: Rhododendron to Stachys

Section 9: Stellaria to Tussilago

Section 10: Typha to Z


Anyone can download an image or images from the portfolio. To download an image on a PC, right click on the image and save. On a Mac, control click on the image and save. The downloaded files are appropriate for viewing on your computer; they may or may not be adequate for making small prints. Please credit Lincoln Nutting, the Eckert Herbarium, and Buffalo State College.



Lincoln Nutting: Scientist, Photographer and Naturalist

Born in Wellesley, MA, and educated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Lincoln Nutting, Linc to his friends, came to Western New York in 1941 to work in the chemical industry in Niagara Falls. In his spare time, he pursued his interests in nature and photography, earning respect and praise for his photographs of insects. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mr. Nutting assembled the portfolio of Kodachrome slides of common local wildflowers and shrubs presented here. Linc maintained active memberships in the Buffalo Audubon Society, the Buffalo Ornithological Society, and the Niagara Frontier Botanical Society and was a long time supporter of the Central/Western New York chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Mr. Nutting died in 2014.


The Eckert Herbarium and Department of Biology are grateful to Mr. Nutting for permitting the reproduction and distribution of his fine photographs. Thanks also to Bruce Fox of Instructional Support Services for his patient effort in scanning the slides and preparing the web pages.