FITT Academy 2017


The Fostering Innovation in Teaching with Technology (FITT) Academy is an intensive hands-on project-specific faculty development event jointly sponsored by Resources for Information,
Technology and Education (RITE) and the Professional Development Office. This unique opportunity is designed for full time faculty or lecturers to launch a faculty community of practice focused on advancing teaching with technology.


2017 FITT Academy Teams

Faculty were matched with a project team made
up of professional staff from within RITE.

Here are the projects, faculty and teams:

Carol DeNysschen

Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics

Project: Application of Medical Nutrition Therapy in a Classroom Setting

Students in the dietetics program need to critically apply medical nutrition therapy to patients with one or more disease conditions. By using case studies and the use of mobile devises for self-assessment all dietetics students (didactic and dietitian education), in the medical nutrition therapy I course, students can apply critical thinking to examples on application of nutrition therapy.

Team Lead: Brooke Winckelmann

Keli Garas-York

Elementary Education and Reading

Project: Literacy Assessment and Evaluation for the 21st Century

Working with children is a main component of the literacy specialist program at SUNY Buffalo State. The literacy specialist candidates need a secure and simple way to view, upload, reflect upon, and receive feedback on videos of their work with children. It is our intent to embed videos in course modules for instruction. As well, we must create a secure means by which literacy specialist candidates can upload videos in Blackboard for reflection and feedback.

Team Lead: Todd Benzin

Kyeonghi Baek

Political Science

Project: Starting Off on the Right Foot in Political Science

There is a great importance for political science students to learn the philosophy of science, research methods and statistical techniques and this can be overwhelming. This project will create remedial and supplemental support materials that can be reviewed at their own pace. These interactive web experiences (simulations, videos, practices quizzes) that will help them succeed in Buffalo State's political science statistics course.

Team Lead: Joe Riggie

Lynn Boorady

Fashion and Textile Technology

Project: Updating a Computer Aided Design course as this software pertains to fashion.

The project will assisting in identifying OER materials for FTT faculty to use in their courses and locate materials specifically for use in the introduction to Fashion technology class, specifically, resources for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe CS.

Team Lead: Kaylene Waite

Pamela Schuetze


Project: Incorporating Videos and Related Digital Assignments in a Child Development Course

In order to fully appreciate child development, it is essential for students to be exposed to children of a variety of ages, which is best achieved by observing children. However, due to numerous logistical challenges, it is difficult to conduct live, in-person observations of children. It is our intent to create two videos relevant to a child development class. One will be an observational video of a child demonstrating problem-solving behaviors. The second will be a recording of a brief lecturing introducing the concept of a "Critical Period".

Team Lead: Michael DiFonzo

Jill M. Gradwell

History and Social Studies Education

Project: Help! Hybrid Education Learning Potential

P-12 teachers are using more online methods of instruction in today’s schools; therefore as a teacher educator, we need to model effective methods. This project will explore the blended/hybrid instructional modality and research best practices while redesigning a the course plan (syllabus) from a traditional to hybrid course.

Team Lead: Kari D'Amico

Photo Galleries

Photos during the week of the FITT Academy

The FITT Academy Committee (FAC) would like to thank the following project team participants:

Ali Alhobabi

Matt Amerosa

Todd Benzin

Kari D’Amico

Julie Dewind


In addition, we’d like to thank the 2017 FITT Academy presenters for their time and expertise:

Katie Bertel

Cyndi Burnett

John Cabra


An initiative this large has many contributors behind the scenes. We’d also like to thank our colleagues for their time and support: Bruce Fox, Maryruth Glogowski, Kristine Kaminsky, Events Management, and Chartwells.

Jason Overholt

Joe Riggie

Tim Sager

Kaylene Waite

Brooke Winckelmann

Ken Giangreco

Kimberly Kline

Maria Pacheco

Eric Dolph

Leah Galka

Khaleel Gathers

Mike DiFonzo

Marianne Foley

Katie Malik-Willard

Rada Montroy

Jeanine Moyer

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