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Ensemble is a media server that allows faculty and staff members to manage and publish their audio and video files into a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard, and on other websites. Ensemble also allows students to submit audio and video files to a "dropbox" for instructors to review or share with other students.


Login to Ensemble using your Buffalo State Username & Password.


For training, please register at the Cyberquad Workshop Registration System, or contact Todd Benzin


Directions for Using Ensemble

Uploading a Single Audio or Video File to Ensemble

Uploading Multiple Audio or Video Files to Ensemble

Uploading a Video to Ensemble from Blackboard

Publishing Audio and Video Files to a Content Area in Blackboard

Using the Content Editor in Blackboard to Add a Video from Ensemble

Using the Content Editor in Blackboard to Add a Playlist from Ensemble

Creating Playlists

Adding Access Control to Protect Copyrighted Materials

Creating and Submitting to a Dropbox (for Student Submission of Media Files)

Directions for Student Submissions to Ensemble Dropbox

Sharing Dropbox Files in Blackboard


For more information, please go to the Ensemble Video Support Center.



Ensemble Anthem

The Ensemble Anthem application is a separately-licensed add-on that allows individuals to create screen capture and webcam recordings which are automatically uploaded into the user’s Ensemble Media Library.


If you are interested in enabling Anthem in your existing Ensemble account, please contact Todd Benzin.


 Directions for Using Ensemble Anthem

User Guide


Closed Captioning

To meet accessibility requirements, videos need to be close captioned. There are several ways to accomplish this in Ensemble, including the Amara Caption Editor, or submitting a video or group of videos to our third party captioning service.


Once you have uploaded a video, contact Meghan Pereira to request captioning and complete the online form.

Captioning takes a minimum of one week once the request has been made to our third party captioning service.  Turnaround time may vary depending on the length of the video.

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