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Campus Digital Signage

A New Way to Get Your Message Across

In order to better capture the attention of our students, faculty, and staff, we have a new strategy to present information in a more exciting manner. Clarity, simplicity, and consistency are our goals, creating signage that will capture the attention of your viewers. Welcome Motion Graphics. With a unified presentation method for various message types and attention grabbing animation, you can better succeed in delivering an inspiring message. Gone are the days of the cluttered, and overpopulated slides. Just your message, brought to life across campus digital signage displays. In addition to the new motion graphics options, we are simplifying the process to have your message displayed.

To get started, use the Digital Signage Request Form → to guide you through the process. Choose between either a standard slide or kinetic typography, and enter your refined message. All messages will be formatted to take advantage of the wide-screen displays on campus. For more information or questions regarding campus digital signage, contact Chris Weber.

Get Your Own Digital Signage

The Campus’s digital signage can be found on our campus cable system - channel 8.1. This channel plays the Campus Playlist on our Visix system. If you are interested in the procurement and installation of a TV monitor to play this channel or your own playlist in your office, waiting room, or building, please contact Justin Sledz (716) 878-4054 for information.

Motion Graphics Examples