Course Design Review

The Course Design Review focuses on how instructional design and pedagogical best practices can be applied to online or blended/hybrid courses.

This research-based course review and enhancement model was developed to offer a team approach to the continuous improvement of online courses. Faculty work with Buffalo State instructional designers and faculty members with experience designing and delivering online and hybrid courses to ensure best practice in pedagogy and instructional design.

Course Design Review Process

  1. Submit your course for a Course Design Review
  2. Meet with Instructional Designer to discuss course and review process
  3. Complete initial Course Design Reviews using the OSCQR rubric , including:
    1. Self-review
    2. Peer-review
    3. Instructional Designer review
  4. Meet with Instructional Designer to discuss completed Course Design Reviews and identify areas of improvement
  5. Revise course as needed based on review
  6. Meet with Instructional Designer for final review


Who can request a Course Design Review?

This process is available to all instructors, whether you are new to online or blended/hybrid teaching, or if you have online teaching experience.

The Course Design Review process will provide you with a support team to ensure continuous improvement in course design and accessibility.

Request a Course Design Review

If you are interested in submitting a course for review, or if you would like more information, please complete the Course Design Review request form.

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