The following equipment is available in this Smart classroom:

  • Video projector
  • Audio amplifier
  • Computer (PC) and network access, a list of software installed on the PC is here
  • DVD/VHS Player
  • Lumens Ladibug Document camera
  • Laptop connections (VGA and HDMI)
  • Wireless network access


*NOTE: This classroom has a punch code on the door to the room. For access, contact Classroom Support at 716-878-6670

Overhead transparency projector by request (

pdf file downloadInstructions for the room are contained in the pdf files below:


Smartroom Operation Instructions

Bulger N2D

To request, please contact the scheduling person for that area.


Generally scheduled, preassigned


Room includes 30 laptop PCs in storage closet for Math Department use only.

This room is also a classroom instructional lab, which is a space that includes installed audio/visual presentation equipment and a computer at each student station imaged with the institutions standard software. Specialized software may be installed for departmental needs by request.

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