Banner is Buffalo State’s official system of record. It is also used for online registration/grading. You will use the Banner system to view class rosters, grant overrides, view general student information and enter grades. As a new faculty member, you will be assigned a Banner ID number and default PIN.


Accessing Banner

You can access your Banner account by visiting the faculty and staff MyBuffState page, clicking the Banner link, and then clicking the Banner button.


Looking up your Banner ID

Your Banner ID number begins with an uppercase "B" followed by 8 numbers. Unless you have it written down somewhere, it can be easy to forget this number.  Fortunately, you can look up your Banner ID at anytime using the Faculty Banner ID Lookup at  When the login box appears, enter bsclogon\ followed by your Buffalo State username.


Changing your temporary PIN

When your accounts are ready, the RITE Support Desk will contact you or your department secretary with your login information. The temporary PIN is your DOB in MMDDYY format. This PIN is only temporary, and must be changed upon logging in for the first time.


Banner assistance

For assistance with your Banner account, please contact the RITE Support Desk.

Buffalo State    1300 Elmwood Avenue    Buffalo, New York 14222

RITE Support Desk: (716) 878-HELP (4357)    CIO's Phone: (716) 878-3694    Fax: (716) 878-3134

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