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11x17 Prints (Small Posters)


Small posters are 11 x 17 and are one-sided. They will have a .25" white margin around the outside as the laser printer does not print to the edge. This is an economical way of advertising.


If you need a small poster created, send us the text and images that you'd like included and we'll create it for you. If you need us to find images for you, we can do that too. *The job request form also has an option for lamination or mounting to foamcore.


11x17 on plain paper  $.50 ea

Two-sided 11x17 on plain paper  $.80 ea

11x17 on Coverstock  $.60 ea

Two-sided 11x17 on Coverstock  $1.00 ea


Lamination - $1.50 ea

Mounting onto foamcore

(uncoated) - $3.00 each or

$1.50 using scrap*

(glossy finish) - $4.00 each or

$1.50 each using scrap*

(matte finish) - $4.50 ea

* Occasionally a mounting job will have an error (wrinkles, etc.) We can use the back of these foamcore sheets for discounted mounting of small items as long as you don't mind something on the back.

Poster Examples

Spaghetti Dinner small poster
Google Docs small poster
Commuter Breakfast small poster

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